The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a charitable and independent organisation for supporting responsible forestry worldwide. Wood and wooden products that are distinguished with the FSC® certificate are guaranteed to come from sustainable cultivation, i.e. the labelled wood comes from forests with stocks of trees which are supervised and reliably re-afforested.

Loading capacity

The loading capacity gives the maximum permissible load of a wheel or castor on a smooth, even travelling surface.The requisite loading capacity is easy to calculate: the dead weight of the furniture or equipment + imposed load ÷ 3. Why divided by 3? Because the possibility exists with uneven floors that only three of the four wheels have contact with the floor and that they must carry the entire load as a result. According to DIN 8455 (ISO standard), the nominal loading capacities apply to a speed of 4 km/h on a flat travelling surface at a temperature of 10° to 30°C.

Locking device

Locking device, brake or wheel-locking device: a device on the roller for blocking the wheel housing. Total locking device: a device on the roller for blocking the swivelling action and the wheel arch.


Wagner’s Maxi-GRIP series of transport trolleys are various models of highly loadable, professional transport aids with a specially coated surface: slip-resistant, weatherproof and water-repellent.

Multi Rollers

Multi Rollers or plant container rollers are flexibly usable for plant containers, pots and tubs as well as for objects and other heavy loads. There are many versions of Wagner’s Multi Rollers made from wood, metal, plastic and glass.

Natural oiling

Natural oiling is a 100% natural and harmless (non-toxic) surface treatment for wood with a semi-matt finish. Wagner’s naturally-oiled plant container rollers, e.g. the NATURE series, are suitable for use inside and outside since they are water-repellent. To care, simply re-treat from time to time with, for example, cooking oil (rub in with a cloth or apply with a brush).


The PEFC programme (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) has the documentation and improvement of sustainable forestry as its objectives (similar to the FSC). The PEFC forms the international framework for recognising national certifying systems. Wood and wooden products that satisfy the PEFC’s requirements can be labelled with the PEFC seal of quality.

Soft running wheels

Soft running wheels are wheels with a resilient, soft, running surface. They prevent scratches and streaking on sensitive floors like parquet, laminate, marble and tiles. Moreover, they guarantee that the roller runs smoothly and quietly.

Twin wheel castors

Twin wheel castors are plastic castors with two wheels on the left and right sides of the castors’ centre. The advantage is that they have a higher load-carrying capacity with a lower overall height. The castor can be swivelled easily under high loading because of the low surface pressure between the wheel and floor.

Zinc die-casting

One understands zinc die-casting to mean precision casting of demanding shapes (e.g. rollers), which have a high mechanical strength and offer the ideal prerequisite for a particularly durable surface refinement.